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My name is Vivek Bajaj, and I wondered how I could bring the very best trading education possible to traders in India.

I combed the Internet looking for excellence, and after much searching, I found what I was looking for. It is an educational firm called, Trading Educators. Trading Educators headed by world-famous Master Trader, Joe Ross, is an educational firm made up of real traders who not only trade professionally in all markets, but who are dedicated to bringing the truth in trading to all who seek after the right ways to trade.

I want all traders in India to benefit by learning the right way to trade, a way that takes little of your time and brings excellent profits.

My extensive search brought me to Mr. Ross, who is in his 53rd year of active trading. I wondered how I could ever convince him to share his knowledge and educational facilities with traders in India.I hesitatingly began an email correspondence with him and his firm. It was not easy, but I and my associates finally convinced Mr. Ross to allow us to represent Trading Educators in India.

What this means to you is that you have the opportunity of saving agonizing years of trial and error simply by being taught by the best.

Joe Ross Trading Educators are pioneers in trading education for all traders. I came to see that Trading Educators literally stands for excellence in trading Education. I m sure we all want to find the safe and easy ways to trade in the markets.

I became aware that at Trading Educators you could expect the unexpected. For example:
  • Trading Educators: was first to go online with a Traders University.
  • Trading Educators: was first to introduce itself as standing for trading education in major magazines.
  • Trading Educators: was first to bring traders the thinking person's way to trade.
  • Trading Educators: was first to reveal the single greatest market inefficiency ever discovered in futures spread trading and has been teaching it to others ever since.
  • Trading Educators have developed a way to trade for an average of only 20 minutes/day, to earn all you want from your trading, thereby leaving you with the rest of the day to enjoy life as you please.
Mr. Ross is the discoverer of The Law of Charts, a law that describes the true order of the market place. And he will be teaching us exactly how that works!

Wherever I looked I saw that others imitate Trading Educators! But I didn t want any cheap imitations. I wanted the best!

At Trading Educators you always expect to find the most advanced techniques of how to trade. Trading Educators is the one all the others imitate when it comes to trading education. Is it any wonder that all the Joe Ross books in the field of trading education are now enshrined as classics at the Chicago Board of Trade Library and elsewhere around the globe? Where else can you find methods and concepts that enable aspiring traders to earn while they learn other than at Trading Educators — first in trading education?

With books, newsletters, online chats, seminars, webinars, online training, private and personal one-on-one training, and methods that work, we here at Scom Technologies Pvt Ltd are proud to introduce Trading Educators of India, as official and exclusive representatives of the educational concepts taught by the Master Trader himself, Mr. Joe Ross

Trading Educators is FIRST in 
trading education!

Trading Educators has been teaching Traders since 1988 - the first in Trading Education. Joe Ross is a pioneer in Trading Education, with over 5 decades of real-life trading in markets all around the world. He still trades actively and has much to share.